Research Students

שם Research subject Research Advisor
Nadav Ivzan Vision Dr. Yossi Mandel
Maria Lev Vision Prof. Uri Polat
Amos Markus Vision Dr. Yossi Mandel
Asaf Shoval Vision Dr. Yossi Mandel
Revital Tuval Vision Dr. Yossi Mandel
שם Research subject Research Advisor
Tamar Arens Developing new tools for in-vivo assessment of visual performance Dr. Yossi Mandel
Yoav Chemla Vision Dr. Yossi Mandel
Auria Eisen-Enosh Spatial and Temporal Resolution in the Visual System: Correlation, Binocular Summation and the Effect of Training
Keren Ellert Vision in severe autism
Adi Gross Researching the Optical Imaging Characterization of Visual Cortical Responses to Natural and Prosthetic Retinal Stimulation Dr. Yossi Mandel
Oren Kadosh Vision Dr. Yoram Bonneh
Inbal Ziv Vision Dr. Yoram Bonneh
שם Research subject Research Advisor
Hen Avraham Image processing for enhancing artificial vision Dr. Yossi Mandel
Eliran Gavrieli Vision Dr. Yoram Bonneh
Itai Henn Vision Dr. Yossi Mandel
Ravit Kahalani Vision Prof. Uri Polat
Orly Kama Vision Prof. Uri Polat
Olga Kreichman Visual functions across the visual field
Nava Mironi Contour integration
Avital Moshkovitz Nystagmus Prof. Uri Polat
Miroslava Ploshansky Vision Dr. Sharon Gilaie-Dotan
Avi Portnoy Visual function and optometric visual training Dr. Sharon Gilaie-Dotan
Gad Serero Vision Prof. Uri Polat
Gal Shpun Fabrication of a subretinal implant Dr. Yossi Mandel
Ziv Siman Tov EEG Prof. Uri Polat
Hani Tsruya Vision Prof. Uri Polat
Liad Tzach Vision Dr. Yossi Mandel
Shlomit Zorani Face perception Dr. Sharon Gilaie-Dotan