Optometric Studies and requirements for the Bachelor’s of Science (B.Sc.) Degree in Optometry

Optometric Studies and requirements for the Bachelor’s of Science (B.Sc.) Degree in Optometry

Studies leading to the B.Sc. degree in Optometry are conducted in an expanded exclusive program for four years. The studies are full-time with a mandatory curriculum without electives.

The program combines didactic and clinical studies and is structured without the option of rearrangement of the courses studied or the order in which they are studied.


The degree is divided into two parallel tracks

The didactic track includes the basic sciences: Chemistry, Biology, and Physics necessary for future understanding of the anatomical, physiological and pathological processes in the visual system. Topics such as ocular anatomy and physiology, organ nutrition, vascular supply, and eye-brain interactions are studied with their relationship to the fundamentals of basic science. In the first year, an introduction to Optometry and Basic and Physiological Optics are emphasized.

The clinical track involves studying the various dysfunctions of the visual system, techniques of examination and clinical analysis, culminating in clinical decision-making in patients who attend our clinic. Beginning in the second year, students will examine each other and work their way up to examining family and friends before entering the actual clinical arena. In addition to our regular clinic, we maintain specialty clinics in Contact lenses, Low Vision for those with special optical needs, and Visual therapy for amblyopic (lazy) eyes and functional problems in the coordination between the two eyes. In the fourth year the students will also experience off-campus clinical modalities including ophthalmological conditions in hospitals under the supervision of physicians, and our own Mobile Optometry unit serving the broader public who cannot physically travel to the on-campus clinic.

Employment Opportunities

Private and Specialty Clinics, hospitals, commercial optometric environments, research and development of visual devices and applications in the hi-tech industry


Acceptance Criteria

Combined track: minimum bagrut 100, psychometric exam 550, product of 320 in Mathematics: at least 4 units with a  grade of 80, YAEL test of 105 for those without a Hebrew bagrut.

International students

Combined track: minimum grade of 550 in the Psychometric/SAT test and 120 in the math part. High school avreage  of at least 90. 

Psychometric/SAT track: minimum grade of 600 and 120 in the math test

Success in the Program:

All students are evaluated by the Educational Staff and Head of the Program at the end of the year according to the requirements stipulated in the Academic Guidelines attached. Students who have met passing grades for all courses advance with no reservation. Those students who have failed in one or more courses may be left back for a year or have their academic studies terminated contingent on the regulations in the Academic Guidelines. Each student will receive these guidelines when registering for the years’ courses.

In addition to the Optometric Curriculum, all students are required to study 5 basic courses in Jewish Studies covering 10 yearly hours.