Prof. Yossi Mandel

ראש המעבדה למדעי והנדסת ראייה


2013 – present    Senior Lecture, Faculty of Life Science, Bar Ilan University

2011 – 2013         Post Doctoral fellowship and research associate - Stanford University

2006 – 2011         Ph.D.  Bioengineering, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1998 – 2004         Residency in Ophthalmology - Edith Wolfson Medical Center, Israel

2002 – 2003         M.H.A    Ben Gurion University, Israel

1984 – 1992         M.D.       Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel 


82204 נוירופיזיולוגיה של הראייה א

82205 נוירופיזיולוגיה של הראייה ב



The Ophthalmic Science and Engineering Lab is focused on basic and translational research in ophthalmology and visual neuroscience. Of main research interests are the field of electro-cellular interfaces, optical and electronic microdevices development, and applied science for improving diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various ophthalmic diseases. One of the central themes is the artificial introduction of the visual information and its processing by the retina and the visual cortex. We further study learning and plasticity processes in the visual system in animals. Other projects include electrocellular interface with the autonomic system and application of high electrical field for solid tumor ablation (IRE - Irreversible Electroporation).